Rides and Cost

We are a guided horse rental service located in Long Beach Washington

Our most popular ride is a one hour guided ride which is $30.00 per horse, designed for all ages and experience levels. Our route takes you from 409 Sid Snyder Dr, through a dune trail in single file and then out on the beach. Once on the beach the horses spread out and ride side by side keeping 8-10 feet between horses, keeping in mind like people they have a personal bubble. This one hour ride is a walk trot ride, if you wish to trot you will stop your horse by pulling back on your reins until you are in the back of the group and kick to trot forward. It is important to keep horses in the front at a walk at all times. Our rides start at 10am and go out every hour and a half after that typically ending at 4pm, however sometimes we offer a 5:30 ride.

For more experienced and confident riders we offer a two hour ride which is $60.00. This ride is also guided and only goes out at 9am. Reservations are not required however are advised, especially if you are interested in the two hour ride.

 Ride times:

(Two hour) 9:00am (One hour) 10:00am     11:30am     1:00pm     2:30pm     4:00pm

(sometimes) 5:30pm


Children 4 and under ride in front of an adult for no extra cost, if you have a wearable baby carrier it must be in front of you, not having the child strapped to your back. At 5 years old the child has the option to ride with an adult, or on their own horse. 6 and over must be on their own horse.

Getting Ready to Ride

It is important that you arrive 15 minutes prior to ride times (ex: 9:45, 11:15, 12:45, 2:15, 3:45, 5:15), this gives you time to pay, sign the release form, check in, and gives us time to get you loaded on your horses.

Clothes and Helmets

At back country we offer to our customers free helmets to use if you would like, they are not required. We have sizes for young children to adults. There are no shoe and/or clothes requirements for our rides.

  • For questions about carriage rides, or renting the carriage for an event please call us at (360) 642-2576
  • Off Season Hours:

    Mon-Thurs: Reservation only with a $200 minimum *weather permitting*

    Open Fri, Sat, Sun.

    *weather permitting*

    – Call (360)642-2576 for additional information-

  • Revised September 24, 2017